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Psychometric tests – An Introduction


There is no doubt that psychometric tests, also known as aptitude tests, are a common part of most contemporary interviews and assessments that take place today. The term Hire Someone to Take My Psychometric Test is a general term to refer to any assessment that aims to assess one’s cognitive ability or personality and takes many forms. Nowadays, these exams are more commonly administered online, and they will consist of a series of questions to be answered within the given period of time, and it will be up to you to submit your answers.


You will likely come across a psychometric test shortly if you haven’t already encountered one since they are becoming increasingly utilized as an early stage of an assessment application if you haven’t already encountered one. As a result, recruiting companies prefer to use these tools to filter out large applicant pools to create a much slimmer, manageable pool of applicants. Therefore, many applicants may never be able to move past this stage of the application process.


To ensure that applicants understand the difficulties and nuances associated with psychometric tests

and ultimately assist you in becoming successful in whatever test you may be challenged with,

our mission is to assist applicants with understanding the difficulties and nuances involved.



What is the purpose of psychometric tests for employers?


It has been proven that test scores are strongly correlated with job performance on the job. The chances are that if you score well on a psychometric test, you are going to do well in the job in the future. Having such a high degree of predictive quality makes psychometric tests a very attractive option for employers.


Combined with the fact that psychometric tests are fast, easy, and can be administered effectively on a large scale, you can see why psychometric tests are becoming the norm, especially when it comes to graduate recruitment.


Here are some of the key benefits of psychometric tests for recruitment that you should be aware of: 


Objectivity – Hiring solely based on interviews or looking over CVs may result in people making decisions based purely on instinct rather than objective data. Using psychometric testing eliminates the subjective nature of the decision-making process. It ensures a fair process, free of bias and discrimination, as all candidates are subjected to a standardized test.


Accuracy – During psychometric testing, a hiring company can determine a candidate’s abilities in analyzing information, problem-solving, making informed decisions, and analyzing their behavioral tendencies to make an informed decision. Access to this data on all applicants allows the hiring company to make quick, scientifically-based comparisons of candidates to find the best candidate for the job based on the data.


Speed – Despite the firm’s size, even smaller businesses receive hundreds of thousands of applications yearly for open positions, making it impossible to look through all of the applications fairly and promptly. Through psychometric testing, companies can dramatically reduce the size of applicant pools to something manageable for the organization to handle.



What are Ernst and Young’s (EY) psychometric tests?


EY is one of the Big Four accounting firms (alongside KPMG, PwC, and Deloitte), and their global business employs almost 300,000 people worldwide. EY primarily offers services like assurance, financial audit, tax, and consulting to companies worldwide. Originally formed in 1989 following a merger between Ernst & Whinney and Arthur Young and Co., EY was known as Ernst Young until a rebrand in 2013. As an employer, EY is consistently ranked in the Fortune Magazine list of the 100 best companies to work for – every year for the past 21 years. This is far longer than any other accounting firm and is a big reason why they are a popular choice of employer for both those just graduating and those with experience.


What are Deloitte psychometric tests?


Deloitte is a global financial business company providing services such as auditing, legal and tax advice, and financial consulting in the energy, health, government, and technology industries. The company was founded over 175 years ago and now employs around 330,000 people across 150 countries and territories. Deloitte UK is the original home where the company started in 1845 and has 20,000 employees. In 2019/20, Deloitte hired nearly 5,000 people, 1800 of which were graduates, interns, and starters. They invest heavily in training and professional development for their employees and schemes that help people globally gain the work skills they need to improve educational and economic outcomes. The ethos of Deloitte in the 21st century is to make an impact that matters, shifting the focus to corporate responsibility and helping clients to make socially and financially ethical decisions while still building capital and achieving business goals.


What are Standard Chartered psychometric tests?


Standard Chartered is a universal bank operating in treasury services, corporate, consumer, and institutional banking. Officially formed through a merger in 1969, the bank’s history goes back to the 1850s. Today, the headquarters are in London, one of the largest banks on the London Stock Exchange and an FTSE 100 company; however, most of its profits are generated in Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Currently, Standard Chartered has over 770 branches worldwide in 70 countries, employing around 85,000 people. It is famed for its rich history and global success, making it a company that understands and values diversity in its practices and workforce, shown by its thorough code of conduct, which commits to creating a positive impact on the world. This makes their internships and international graduate programs extremely coveted. The internship is a 10-week insight into working life, while the graduate program is an intensive 18-month training course. The internships and graduate programs allow you to choose from several ‘streams,’ specific areas of financial business, so you can do what interests you the most. Some of the streams are:


* Global banking

* Corporate finance

* Wealth management

* Retail banking

* Risk and conduct, Financial Crime, and Compliance





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